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The Point System

As some of you are already aware, I have been keeping track of Points. Points are very simple things, but they can earn you rewards from me. Upon reaching ten points, I send or give something to the person. What this is is a really big secret (at least until fred_smith gets his in the mail), but more to the point: it changes from person to person, and is more based on proximity and what a proper reward would be than on any sort of standing tradition.

Some of you may have noticed me shouting "Point!" when you made a comment or a good post. Some of you may have been in an IM conversation with me and I've conceded "Good point." These things are the most common ways to win Points.

Other things may also win you Points, but in general it's the sudden reaction of "Oh, good point!" That always gets a Point. Points may be made by anyone, and given to anyone. Sometiems particularly good and rich images get Points. I suppose, also, that Points could be awarded for . . . other merits as well, but this has not happened yet.

Most people on the list have one or two, though fred_smith was the first to break 10 points, and he currently has 15. Due to a very long hiatus in which we didn't chat or talk or post much on each other's LJ's, I caught up and surpassed him. I'm currently 6 points ahead of him with 21 points.

singingwren is likely to reach 10 points next, as she is currently at nine.

shizukagozen is at eight points, and was only recently passed by singingwren, primarily because shizukagozen is working out walking a pilgrimage at the moment, and thus is not chatting or exchanging emails with me.

perlgirlju comes in tied with ceolnamara at fifth with two points. Everyone else on the board has one point. The only exception to this is Erien, who was grandfathered in with a system of "gold stars". These are just like points, but have a slightly different set of rules. She currently has two gold stars.

Men and women alike can get points. I'm not really strict on how they are reported, but I hold the master list. That may seem unfair, and one might note that I am the furthest ahead *and* hold the list, but I should also mention that I don't gain anything from getting points, as I'm the one distributing stuff for them.

I do not keep track of what gets a person a particular Point, as that's just too much paperwork for me.

What happens when someone reaches 100 points? Gee, I dunno. I have a while to think about it, though.
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