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Fully awake, fully alive. Or so the pink elephant with a halo assures me.

There are some things from last week that I've considered posting, off and on. They're overly personal, but that's not why I waffle on posting them. Mostly, I waffle on it because retyping them seems dishonest in this case, like they should lie there and rot on the page, as a lot of the things in them simply no longer apply. Some things do, I suppose, but most things don't.

None of them mentions anyone specifically. . . At least, not negatively. They're a remarkable combination of the positive and negative, a strange feeling of desperation in some cases that is tempered by an almost invisible hope. The things written are kind of random and extremely diverse. Nothing really flows into itself, but as a whole it's an interesting and complete picture.

So today, as I look at them, I wonder: let them rot, or bring them out?

I dunno. I'm unsure. I'm feeling pretty good, and I'm not actually embarrassed about the thoughts. I'm just unsure that their meaning, their being involves publication. I don't worry that they'll bring up feelings or anything like that. I think I'll be thinking this over during lunch.

Poll #566646 Poll 7: To Reason Why

Why do you read my journal?

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