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The Hero of Hyrule (and less important stuff)

I came to a sudden realization today about belly dance, but it's half-formed, so kinda pointless to discuss it in the here-and-now. Once I get my thoughts together, I'll post on that.

Given why people read my journal, I've decided to plow through at least a small chunk of what I wrote out last week, type it in, and post it. Looking over it at lunch has reminded me that it's somewhat painful, but I can't expect my readers to dine on bread and circuses alone. Perhaps I'll have something by end-of-day, but it's hard to say, given my workload today.

I admit to looking forward to the Ohio State - Texas game this weekend. Honestly, I've never been worried about a Big 12 team (talk about a cakewalk conference) beating Ohio State, but I suppose it's theoretically possible. I think it'll be a good game, no matter what. Speaking of, I need to get some beer for Brian.

In more important news, I kicked ass and took names in The Legend of Zelda the other night. See, I play Zelda like some poeple plot battles: By the time I entered Level 1, I already had the White Sword and the Blue Ring. I snitched the Magic Book from Level 8 well before I beat Level Three. (Speaking of Level 3, is anyone else slightly disturbed by the shape?) The first time I died on accident was in Level 6, I'm ashamed to say, but the cause was pretty obvious, what with the wizards running around like they do. Last night, when I turned on my game, I noted the "5" above my character's name and resolved to improve that number eventually. But in the Ninth Level, as I'm making a paper map (for all the obvious reasons) for the first time since I was a kid, I was running on three heart containers and no potions (I'd used up the Red Potion against some wizards, and the Blue one against some knights, leaving me only with a letter of introduction to some old hag) when I ended up one room south of Gannon. With my Master Sword and a Silver Arrow with his name on it, I figured I had nothing to lose. Against my better judgement, I wandered in to meet the ugly SOB, figuring that the worst that could happen is that I'd end up continuing at the beginning of Level Nine. Well, apparently, the worst that could happen is that Gannon would be crying at my swordpoint in no time flat. I walked out with a half a heart container and a full Tri-Force, saved the princess, and am now truly the hero of Hyrule. I'm prepared to run two games now: one will be the obligatory Second Quest, and the other will run the entire game, start to finish, without a sword.

If that paragraph made total and complete sense, you get a point for sheer geekiness (no cheating, because you're likely to get quizzed). Double points if you can describe exactly how one can accomplish the last goal (Really, to get double points, you don't even have to get me very far in your thought process). Ten points for the first person who can give me the key hint from the game, word-for-word.

Oh, yeah: I also submitted an article to Oak Leaves today. I'd post it here, but I think you kids should actually read it in OL. I'll post it on my website after it's printed, for those of you without OL subscriptions. And it'll get copied to the ADF website, too, I imagine, as it's DP-related.
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