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Women and money, as well as a dream

This morning I caught a spider. He had a black body and long red legs, and was of a decent size for a house spider.

I scooped him up and took him outside. He landed in the grass and scampered away.

My car is nearly out of gas, and I can't take a dime out of my checking account. If I did, I would overdraw the account by a few cents when my mortgage check was cashed by my bank.

On the bright side, I can probably fill up using my credit card. Never was I more thankful that money doesn't actually exist before.

I've spent some time recently with lots of women. Erien over email and IM, healing_coyote over the phone, singingwren over lunch and email, and Tina in person. It's been nice, though I admit I've been missing shizukagozen.

I'm very thankful for each, and have come to realize that sometimes you don't know how important a person is to you until you hit one of those points in your life where they mean everything to you.

Today was also a day to add some random Chaos Workings to the Generator I also fleshed out my PSA page a bit.

Perhaps most interesting, though, was a dream from last night. I was at some PCCO event and they auctioned me off for their profit. Amusingly, my Mom offered me up for auctioning.

Basically, it was one of these bachelor auctions, where men are auctioned off for a date for charity or something. what the women were bidding on me for was unclear (i.e. I don't know what they got out of it, other than the vague idea that they'd "have me" for two nights during the event), but I was the last man to be bid on.

There was some scattered bidding, but in the end, I went to rubydolphin for $133.

She got me for the two days, but there were some catches to this because I went for the most money:
  1. I had to pay for the PCCO's entertainment (some lame band) for the second night
  2. I had to pay 1/3 the final bid on me.

rubydolphin told me that she'd bid on me to keep others from winning and taking advantage of me. Who the others were is unclear, but one in particular stood out: the elf-chic from Summerset (if you're into dream interpretation, I'll bet this looks like I'm afraid of women who are "unsafe", I imagine).

So rubydolphin and I more or less wandered around, avoiding certain women who had bid on me (the elf-girl in particular). We ended up hiding in a large room with sloped ceilings, and I found that I had problems with my boot laces: the laces were fuzzing up and coming apart.

The dream fizzles out after that.

Erien, I was amused to hear, determined that she would have purchased me outright at that price.

For a guy who couldn't be sold for a dollar seven and a half years ago, that's not bad.

But that dream inspired the following poll:

Poll #570523 Poll 8: Come and get it!

If I were up for auction, what would be worth placing a bid on me?

An evening of talking.
A workshop given to your Grove (or you, if you're solitary)
Dinner and a movie (or some other form of "date")
An evening or two at a festival alone
Sexual favors
The chance to make me embarass myself
To have me cook for you or your Grove at a festival
A ritual done for you or your Grove
Something listed in the next question or comments

Let's say my Grove did put me up for auction to raise money. What would you like for your money? (leave a comment if you hit the char limit.) No, you won't offend me.

Tags: adf, dreams, festivals, polls, three cranes grove
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