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Liturgy is freaking posted.

Hey, Elysium is coming up next weekend, but there's no schedule of events on the webpage yet. *gently nudges GROTTO LJ users*

Hey, I'm incommunicado on Friday starting at 5pm and most of Sat.

Did the questions dry up? Or have you all conspired to cut back on my LJ entries?

This weekend I have to deal with all sorts of drama. It should be a blast. athanasios & ocean_star, wait until I get a chance to talk to you next weekend. I might have a problem I need help with. If not, it might be a good story. Let's hope for the good story.

My face will be getting mowed tonight, and shaved tomorrow. I have a forest of 3-week-long facial hair. It's annoying and scratchy. But I haven't had time to shave.

Hitting up the Pagan stores tonight. Will check on the level of Elysium fliers in each. *sighs* my work is never done. :)

Tina's already out of town for the wedding we're supposed to be at. Tonight I have all to myself. It'll be a nice change.

Things are slowly calming down, but when the kids move in on Sunday, all hell will break loose.

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