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Five Question Madness!

From RTJ (No LiveJournal):

1) What scares you?

Ya know, I've found ways around most of my fears. I don't have nightmares, and I'm not afraid of the dark.

Generally, though, doing rituals (esp. by the seat of my pants) and the feeling that I'm not doing enough to worship my Gods the way they expect me to worship them.

2) If you had to live forever in the day or forever in the night, which
would you choose and why?

Day. I'd miss a good day on the beach more than the stars or the moon. Most people get too worked up about them, anyway. Plus, it's easier to see hotties in the daylight.

3) Favorite ice cream flavor and in a cone or a cup?

Butterscotch Dip over vanilla, in a cone, from Dairy Queen. That was easy. :)

4) Would you rather give up television or radio?

Television. Can't watch that in the car. I did without for a very long time. I don't need to go back, but it sucks ya in, you know.

5) Toes: ugly or just misunderstood? ;)

Well, that all depends on the toes. Just as there are ugly women and beautiful women, so too is it with toes.

Each toe is unique, though, and has a special personality. Even the ugliest of toes can be redeemed by a sparkling personality.

Often a toe may be elevated through its company. If an ugly toe is surrounded by beautiful toes (or a fine sock, perhaps), it can radiate a similar (though perhaps unwarranted) façade of beauty and general belonging.

I once knew a guy who had ugly toes. I mean, they were exceptional. We were talking once, and he said he had this girlfriend who was "really into" sucking toes in bed. Well, he knew his toes were ugly, so he wore his socks during sex. Every time she'd ask, he'd just say, "You really don't want to do that. I have *very* ugly toes." Well, she finally wore him down. They're in bed, and she goes down and grabs his socks, and slowly, seductively pulls them off. When she gets them off, she stops and stares at his feet.

She put his socks back on.

They apparently didn't last long after that.

So, yeah, toes can go either way, I guess, even to a discerning toe-connoisseur.

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