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Letters in the mail . . .

I've gotten on a kick, thanks to shizukagozen, of writing letters. One or two have already gone out. Some that are going overseas I'm planning to grab some special paper for. I've stolen an idea or two about them, and I'm still writing. I feel her pain in my own cramped hand.

It's surprising how honest a long-hand letter can be. I'm not all that great at writing letters, really. They're not at all like e-mail or phone calls. Sometimes, by the time you reach the next paragraph, you've lost your train of thought, and you're not sure that what you're saying is at all proper or wise, but it's remarkably true.

I save all the letters I receive. I rarely read over them again, but I love to have them. Some are from friends I'll never hear from again, some are from friends I see sometimes, and a couple are from friends I see nearly every day.

They mean so much to me.
Tags: friends, hotties, mailing

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