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Green Pants

I dunno what it is. I can't figure it out.

For some reason, I have a thing for women in green pants.

I can't figure out what exactly that thing is, but it amuses me.

It can most likely be traced to Tina, who had a wonderful pair of green pants, and to healing_coyote, who gave me a new outlook on the colour green. For a long time, it was just the pants that Tina owned and wore. After we broke up, it became other pairs of green pants on other redheads. Finally, it became a wider association of green pants with beauty and sex appeal.

I've thought it through pretty hard, and it's not a fetish. It's just something I like, something I admire and enjoy. And (I cannot stress this nearly enough) something that amuses me to no end.

The variety of pants that cause this reaction is simply amazing. Tina's green nylon pants started it all, and I still can't see them without seeing their appeal. Olive drab and even BDU's have the same effect on me. Even the ugly sweatpants they sell now with the writing on the ass can do something for me if they're any shade of green, from hunter to light spring green.

It's a tad embarassing.

But highly amusing.

So yeah. Women: Want to get my attention? Put on a pair of green pants.
Tags: amusement, friends, hotties, reflections

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