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Road Trip to Purdue. . . There and back again.

My brother, red_sput, and I were chatting this morning, and he made the comment, "Well, I like to post about my weekend before it becomes irrelevant." Well, that's never stopped me. I've been known to post about things three weeks old before.

But yeah, I ought to talk about my weekend.

While Friday night found me in a funk, I had plans for Saturday. My brother was flying in from Seattle to march with the Purdue Alumni Band, and my parents had tickets to the game.

I took what amounted to a nap on the couch on Friday night, and woke up around 4:30 AM on Saturday, prepared for my drive out to Purdue to see the Purdue-Northwestern game. I showered, hit my altar for a morning devotional, and prepared to leave.

red_sput had informed me that Purdue was trying to "black out Northwestern", meaning that people should all wear black and that this would look awesome from the stands. I grabbed my black Ohio State fleece and made a run for the car. I pulled out of my drive way at 5 AM sharp, being perfectly on time for a change.

I was headed down the street when I realized that I had forgotten my hat. This didn't bother me much, though, because the hat was a White Sox hat, and Purdue was playing a team from Chicago. Showing up at Ross-Aide Stadium wearing not only my black Ohio State stuff but also my stuff from Chicago might cause a bad reaction. Crazy thing, college football.

I flew out of Columbus down barren interstates and around fun corners. Really, Columbus is fun to drive around, with the way the interstates curve and how tight they sometimes get. On my way out, I found myself driving into the moonset, where the moon was gigantic and sat atop the interstate, right where the horizon and the sky met. I was amused that it looked like a giant orange football, but I have never seen the moon so large in my entire life.

I spent the long hours driving listening to Jimmy and some country, singing along to stay awake. I talked to myself a lot, trying to work through some of the issues I'd encountered the night before. I thought about the people in my life, those friends and those more than friends, and around the time that my feeling of betrayal left, it was really replaced with a calm, happy feeling. I left the betrayal somewhere east of Indianapolis, probably around the Spiceland exit, and sang far louder and far more off key than I had done in a while.

I rolled into West Lafayette, Indiana, around 9 AM my time (8 AM their time). I met my parents, who bought me my first fast food in three weeks. . . two sausage McMuffins and a pair of hashbrowns. MmmmmmMmm!

After this, we slid onto the Purdue campus, grabbing a spot to park. I followed my parents through campus (scarily, I'm learning Purdue's campus well. . .), and we found my brother, marching in practice with the Alumni Band.

He was, as is natural, wandering around seeing friends and talking. He apparently had some sort of major responsibility regarding marching, but, hell, I couldn't understand exactly what it was he was supposed to be doing. I just knew that he was on the end. Somewhere.

But we had some lunch, then we watched the Alumni Band play some random songs, then march in. We got to our seats in the stadium, and I realized that I was really, really missing my hat and sunglasses. I'd suffer through 4 hours of a bright, cloudless day, and the Purdue stadium is remarkably small when compared to the Horseshoe (OSU's stadium). There is no shade to be had until sunset in most parts of that stadium.

Before the game started, a guy from Purdue was razzing me about my Ohio State stuff. "It's a shame for them to lose at home today, isn't it?" he asked, about an hour after the Ohio State game had kicked off, and well before we heard our first score update. I smiled, saying, "Well, we'll see." As OSU-MSU scores rolled in, MSU always ahead, he'd drop a crude remark about Ohio State.

Being an Ohio State fan has advantages, most of which involve patience and an amazing amount of faith. Each time he'd say something ("Third quarter and they're down two touchdowns!" or "They're not leading in the fourth!"), I'd simply smile, and say, "Game's not over yet." He wasn't so vocal when the final score rolled in, 35-24 (OSU winning).

The Purdue game was mostly uneventful in the first half, unless you count the four touchdowns that Northwestern scored. The first half ended with a score of 9-28, Northwestern's favour.

It was looking like we'd come a long way for a route, but out of half-time, Purdue scored twenty un-answered points and took the lead at 29-28, and held it until two minutes were left in the game. It really became a great game at that point, and I was very glad to be there. . . even if Purdue did go down with 1:50 left in the game, for a final score of 29-34, Northwestern.

The family and I went to dinner after the game, and I received my parents' old computer, as well as a shiny new digital camera! Yes, kids, I am indeed dangerous now :)

Following that, we went our separate ways. red_sput back to his friend's house, my parents back to Chicago, and me back to Columbus. I made two stops on the side of the road, one at 11 PM and another at 1 AM to take naps, and finally rolled into my driveway around 4 AM on Sunday. I did my evening devotion, and then went straight to bed.

Nothing much happened on Sunday, until about 4, when I got a call from deedeehopskotch. She came over, and we re-lived some gossip from our old ResNet days, watched Spinal Tap, and generally just had a very good time. I've missed hanging out with her. And with no crazy roommate, it's even better to hang out with her now :)

So, yeah: a goood weekend.
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