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Sometimes, you can't complain. You can just smile and laugh.

Life is good. Presentation is nearly done. And I have a date for Friday.

I'm amused at the responses to the DP thing I wrote. So far, one person has declared that they love me, several have told me that this is just what they wanted, and I think I managed to imply that I thought that ADF-Publishing wasn't doing their job (which is totally not the case, and I'm sorry that happened).

I admit that the most confusing of those things is that this is exactly what they wanted. . . We haven't even seen if the whole thing has been helpful to mistw02, _crow365__, and singingwren. Give me praises when we're sure it works, kids :)

(in the meantime, all praises are still welcome, and I extend thanks for them)

Yeah, life's good today.

See you PSA kids at PSA tonight.

Bring some fangs.
Tags: adf, dedicant path, hotties, mentoring, psa

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