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Overtime, veterans, and thanks.

My favourite (Extra)ordinary Anthropologist, jenarael, has made a wonderful post regarding creationism and evolution.

She's a brilliant writer (even when she's pissed off at something). Please go take a look.

Tomorrow, Veteran's Day, I'm coming into work. With the way things have been going, I've been offered overtime, and because this is probably the only chance I'll ever have to be paid at time and a half, I've taken it. It's not like I can't use the cash, after all. It'll coincide nicely with my trip to Austria since it goes on this pay period (I'll get the overtime pay while I'm in Austria), and that's a windfall for me.

So I have a few plans that I have to either cancel or move around. Emails will go out about that when I get some time.

Actually, I think I only had one thing actually *planned* for tomorrow, and it didn't involve a set time, so I might be in the clear.

But the most important thing today, to me, is that tomorrow is Veteran's Day. It's somewhat annoying to me that I'm very unlikely to have the requisite time to make mention of it tomorrow, given the number of veterans I know, but honestly, the ones still serving will see this around the time that Nov. 11 dawns on Korea or Iraq (two locations where service-people who read my LJ are), if they're reading today. Ah, time zones: what strange evil are these?

But I wanted to say "thanks". While I haven't served and won't be serving (gods willing) in my lifetime, I very much appreciate the people who have and do. I'm not going to get all patriotic on my LJ today, but it means a lot to me.

My father served in Vietnam (volunteered for the Marines rather than be drafted into the Army), and my grandfathers served in WWII. My brother and my cousins on my mother's side are, I believe, the first generation of men in this family who have not been called to duty at some point in our lives. While one cousin did enlist, he is the only member of our family to do so in this generation, and he had the choice.

And for that, I know who to thank.

It isn't much, but thank you.
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