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"In a week I'll be in gay paris, hell that's a mighty long airplane ride. . ."

My life, she is six-hour incriments.

First Key West, now Paris.

Amazingly, the travel time is about the same to get to Paris as it was to get to Key West. And I'm spending about the same amount of time in both. Six or seven hours. But those will be six or seven hours of grand adventure. I know because I am taking my hat.

In Key West, we left before sunset. Of course, we had boat drinks before noon. There's a story I need to tell.

In Paris, there's only one thing I want to see. Well, it's the only thing in all of France that I really want to see. Anything else, well, I'm still not sure why anyone would want to go to France, except to see this one thing.

And I think we have just enough time to get to the Musee de Cluny. Gods willing, we'll see the altar found under Notre Dame's choir in 1711.

I've always, always wanted to see it in person.

And now. . . now I have the chance.

The best part? Both these trips are accidental. Key West was a case of mistaken and misguided "fuck this, I'm outta here" sentiment. Paris is the result of fighting with airlines who are nearly bankrupt.

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