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"Warm beer and bread," they said, "could raise the dead. . ."

Ever tried to decline Old Norse? Don't. Bad idea. And that's all I'm saying about that.

Second set of Runes done. These are nicer looking, I think. A better ink, too. All that's left is sanding them down.

Working on my Prayer workshop for the next PSA meeting.

Before 9 AM today, I worked with 3 staff members to help out a guy with 3 different names, 3 different SSNs, in 3 different systems. I think I might have concrete evidence that the Rule of Three isn't as crazy as I thought!

I've been thinking about my daily worship recently, thanks in part to healing_coyote. I'm not sure they're up to snuff, since I appear to be a bit of a masochist when it comes to ritual and my religion. Yeah, that's definiately the word that fits there. I want more. But I don't think I'll get into the self-flagellation that Gardner was into. I just don't have the time. *grins* And I think that there was something. . . mundane and not wholly un-sexual about his proclivity to whip himself. I just ain't into that.

Working on my presentation for Elysium, too. If you can, GO. It'll rock. Promise.

I need a dremel tool. A nice one. Cordless. It's high on my wish list.

And, to whom it may concern, I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Oh, and if you want to speculate on the question from the last entry, that'd rock, since that's half the fun of making cryptic entries! :)

Then again, I suppose have the fun of speculating would be keeping said speculation from me.

And I have a new set of five questions to answer, too. If not done today, they'll be done tomorrow, I hope!
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