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It's been ten days? Not long enough.

Since Monday, Nov. 20, in no particular order I:
  1. saw the nautes pillar
  2. did a monkey dance
  3. saw a Roman archeological dig
  4. saw Notre Dame and decided it wasn't worth it to go in
  5. kissed a girl in Paris
  6. caught a shooting star with someone who had never seen one
  7. found a new favourite air carrier (four words: "green skirts, golden apples")
  8. was closely watched by the Illuminati
  9. had impure thoughts in a church
  10. realized I needed more work on my Latin
  11. realized I recalled more French than my 7th grade teacher would believe in a million years
  12. realized German, no matter how often I heard it, is simply impossible for me
  13. had really good chocolate (the jury is still out on whether I believe in really good chocolate)
  14. kissed a girl in the Vienna Christmas market
  15. saw more famous dead people (Falco!) than I had any right to
  16. lost three people in Vienna, and found two of them
  17. lost a bottle of tequila to pressure in the cargo hold, and soaked some poor sot's bag with it, I'm sure
  18. slept with three women and one other man . . . in one bed
  19. spent an hour and a half with a shower buddy struggling to remove gold body paint
  20. finally got between Mazi's legs
  21. lost all chance I had with a girl to a three year old
  22. had french fries that could only be described as "exquisite"
  23. saw signs for "Men with hats cross here", "Men with hats go down stairs here", and "Men with hats steal children here"
  24. had a crisis of conscience that would have been terribly funny from my persepective, but not so much from yours
  25. discovered that the sun does not shine in France, and especially does not shine at Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport
  26. Became stranded at CDG on the way home and discovered the previous assertation is untrue, though we also discovered that CDG is designed after Charles De Gaulle's nose: large, unsightly, and ugly
  27. learned that a hat, properly worn, can move you to the front of any line
  28. proposed to a girl in Vienna
  29. found Europe to be exactly like the US, just with a few new languages and monopoly money
  30. discovered the French are much nicer when you're in a wheelchair, and customs are much simpler
  31. went fishing in shark-infested trashcans
  32. had a one hour layover turn into a 23 hour layover
  33. encountered the Great Mystery of the Missing Cheese Stick
  34. am now the proud owner of an Air France t-shirt
  35. managed to get my bags checked all the way through to Columbus, but not my travel partner's
  36. will never fly Air France, into CDG, or go to Paris ever again.
It's now almost nine AM, and I am not at work. There is a very good reason for this.

Walking With Fire is/was/has been the best festival I ever attended. I am not sure that the experience ever could be or ever will be beaten.

Pictures are forthcoming, as is a longer review.

For now, though, I'm just too tired.

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