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September 24th, 2003

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03:36 pm - Five Question Madness!
From suicidekttn:

1. What intrigues you about people?

Oh, different things about different people. Sometimes it's intellegence, sometimes it's looks, sometimes it's a pair of beautiful eyes, sometimes it's the ability to lead ritual, sometimes it's the just me wondering why they're on the same path I am.

Take athanasios for instance. I'm intrigued by his ability to take on so much responsibility, and to do a good job. I like to try to figure out what he's doing or thinking, too.

I'm intruiged by autumnfey because I want to know what's happening in her life (hint: update more!) and because I just have always had a good time with her. And because I freaking miss her.

I'm intrigued by kallisti because he's a fellow Erisian in ADF, and that's always cause for intrigue.

vampyrecandy intrigues me mainly because she's always got something interesting/strange going on in her life, and she writes really in-depth journal entries.

hekatatia intrigues me because I see her name all over ADF and I want to know what makes her tick.

mlleelizabeth intrigues me because I thought she was someone else to start with (nope, not telling!), and then I started getting a kick out of her short porn scenes (not usually the type of erotica I read, but it amuses me, which I'm not sure is the intended effect).

ocean_star intrigues me because she's smart and fun to be around, and very open.

solis intrigues me because he knows his shit, and I'm fairly in awe of it.

jadewaterflame intrigues me because she has a vibrant personality and a strong sex drive. And I always approve of women with strong sex drives.

wishesofastar intrigues me because she and I stayed friends after me being really, really stupid.

healing_coyote is just hot. (j/k, there's more than that) I've come to be really curious about her life and what goes on in it. (hint to you: update more!)

bean_drui intrigues be because she's a young ADFer and doing some cool things with her life.

suicidekttn intrigues me because I like to know about the people who know the people I know.

beautycorrosion intrigues me because her LJ is pretty deep lookin'. I like that.

Other people in my life who aren't on LJ intrigue me, too, but I've probably wasted lots of your time here, already. Yeah, and if you don't see yourself, don't worry. It's a space issue, not an "I'm not intrigued" issue. :)

2. What's your favorite animal? Why?

Aside from female humans, I presume? The cockroach. Grand survival instincts, intellegence, patience, and a really, really calm demeanor.

I saw one in my house before we closed. It was a woods cockroach, and I knew, looking at him, that he was St. Gulik. I knew right then that I had chosen the right house, and that Eris approved.

Of course, that doesn't stop me from killing all cockroaches on sight, but I always give them a chance to explain themselves and deliver their prophecy first.

(FYI, wood cockroaches don't require an exterminator, since they don't infest houses. They're cool like that.)

3. How many cats do you have and what are their names?

I have two, but Tina also has one. Alexander and Magellan are mine, and Raven is hers. We own a reverse Oreo sometimes, because Alex and Magellan will stand on either side of Raven. You can find pics of the boys on my narcissisitc picture page on my website (labled that by a friend, who said it rocked *because* it was so unashamedly narcissisitc).

Oh, and both answer to "Handsome". Just like daddy. :)

4. What's your biggest pet peeve?

People asking, "Are you really monogamous?" when they know damn good and well I am. But the biggest thing is when they say, "I know you have a girlfriend, and that you aren't poly, but do you think we could ever get together?" That bothers me, because it shows several things I don't like: a lack of respect for my girlfriend; a lack of respect for the choices I've made; and it gives the impression that they think I'm weak-willed, even though I've never, ever cheated on Tina. Not even technically.

5. What's your favorite movie?

Gee. I really, really don't know. Now that I think about it some more, I think that Captain Horatio Hornblower starring Gregory Peck is up there. (You'll probably note that every time I get asked this, my answers change. This is probably because movies have a much smaller affect on me than many other things do.) My favourites tend to be adventures of some sort. Usually starring some roguish anti-hero who is terribly internally conflicted.
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Date:September 24th, 2003 07:46 pm (UTC)
Heh heh. Pretty, yes. Deep, no.

I strongly dislike such poly people who act as the situation you mentioned. When I choose to be monogamous I get it all of the time:

Them --> "You could not possibly be bisexual if you are not involved with both a man and woman! You're just heterosexual with homosexual fanatasies?"

Me --> "Oh yeah? I guess when I date a woman that makes me a lesbian with hetero fantasies..."

Got to love the closed mind. ;D
[User Picture]
Date:September 24th, 2003 07:50 pm (UTC)
More questions are always good. You ask me five, and damnit, I'll ask you five. suicidekttn, expect questions in response soon.
Date:September 24th, 2003 11:19 pm (UTC)
I apologize if any of these have been asked before, however I have not had the free time in which to read through your LJ archives at this moment in time. :)

5 Questions . . . . .

1. Why do you refer to Eris as being a member of the "out dwellers"? Is it in relation to allowing other people who may be uncomfortable with Eris to feel some sort of ease? Or something else entirely?

2. Where is the most interesting place you have been to? Why was it interesting? Where do you wish to travel to in the future and why?

3. Who are four people that you have met that drastically changed your life, good or bad. Naturally, you do not have to share any details, but... *poke* *poke*

4. What do you think of the saying: "Jack of all trades, but Master of none."?

5. How do you deal with people you find to be difficult, yet you must interact with them, in some form or another, on a semi-regular basis?

And that covers the who, what, where, why and how... not enough room for the when. :)

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