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A single pleasure

"She loved taking a shower outdoors. Her skin had been tanned by the sun all day, and the cool water was exhilarating. Crickets in the overhanging ficus trees rubbed their legs in time to the refrains of "Feeling Hot Hot Hot" that drifted in from the bar on the beach."
      -Where Is Joe Merchant?

There is nothing, absolutely nothing like taking a shower outside. The cool, clean water flows over your back while the sun dries your chest and arms, and then you turn around to do it all over again. The cool crispness of the morning air and the stream of water on your body brings you a kind of joy that often surprises you and always wakes you up.

I've showered in the open air in the Florida Keys and in the Arizona desert. The water has flowed over me on a cold New York morning and on a warm Ohio afternoon.

And every so often, I miss it terribly.
Tags: freedom

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