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Five Question Madness!

From beautycorrosion:

1. Why do you refer to Eris as being a member of the "out dwellers"? Is it in relation to allowing other people who may be uncomfortable with Eris to feel some sort of ease? Or something else entirely?

I see Eris, much as I love Her, as a force Who is anathema to ADF Standard Liturgy. I've tried doing rituals with Her using the Standard Liturgy before, and she doesn't like it. Who is anathematizing whom is a difficult question, though.

Eris' unwillingness to work with ADF ritual has lead to some creative work with how to include Her, but to still get things done. I can't *not* invite Her. We all know what happend last time that happened!

So my compromise has been to invite Her (and I always do, at every ritual), but I invite Her as an Outdweller, because over there She can sit and watch, and receive a sacrifice of some sort, but She doesn't have to become involved in the ritual itself. I've gotten very creative at this.

However, I should note that there is a higher incident of things going wrong when I'm in a ritual.

Gods only know what would happen if I attended a ritual that *didn't* deal with the Outdwellers in some way! I'd have to invite Her in, probably.

My perception of the Outdwellers is kind of schismatic, though. I see them as forces of chaos, usually, and Eris is part of that. To call Her into an ADF ritual is calling all those forces in, because She will bring Her friends. :)

We used to use some of 6th Night's wording in ritual, which was really cool because it was so dramatic, but it was very, very insulting to Eris, and I couldn't have that. We changed the wording to ask (somewhat politely) that if any Deity had intentions that were "disharmonic", they should hang out at the Outdweller's area, but we always give sacrifice (a golden delicious apple, if you must know).

When I'm not working in ADF ritual, though, She is no Outdweller. She's much more: Patroness, mother, lover, teacher, sister, friend, creatrix, shoulder to cry on, provider, wake up call, silent partner, driver, opponent, ally, sheild, blueberry muffin, chicken soup for my soul, psychologist, co-pilot, comic foil, cosmic clown. All that and more. My rituals that honour Her are simple, efficient, and 100% improvised. She plays a beautiful counterpart to Esus, my other Patron.

2. Where is the most interesting place you have been to? Why was it interesting? Where do you wish to travel to in the future and why?

There is a mountain I once climbed. I stood on top of it, and I could see everything for scores of miles. The world ended before my vision ran out. It was one of the most perfect days I've ever experienced.

In the future, there are thousands of places I would like to go. Most of them involve my feet and a week's vacation, though. I feel no greater freedom than when my feet are on the ground and I have no obligations.

In short, I don't need a specific place, just two working legs and nothin' to do.

3. Who are four people that you have met that drastically changed your life, good or bad. Naturally, you do not have to share any details, but... *poke* *poke*

Tina, my girlfriend. She's had the most profound effect on my life, I think, since it's changed quite a bit since I met her. I'm certainly more responsible and older than I was.

autumnfey taught me how to avoid Pagan politics, and she kinda taught me how to cut down my own ego. :) Saved me from more problems than can be imagined. :)

Coach Nazylmov, my fencing instructor. How many other people can say they studied under the greatest fencing master in the world for two years? I can. This man made me *enjoy* pushups. I have no idea how he did it. Wish he'd done it for situps, too.

Amergin, 6th Night's first Senior Druid. What can I say: he impressed me, and (though I might have an idealized view of him) I hope I can lead my Grove half as well as he led his.

4. What do you think of the saying: "Jack of all trades, but Master of none."?

I think that a jack of all trades probably won't get far in life. Then again, masters of their trade get outdated.

I'd rather be a jack of all trades than a master. After all, there's always the ability to walk away from something at that point.

I don't know. I think it shows a bit of immaturity to be a jack of all trades. I wouldn't hire that kind of person for a job.

5. How do you deal with people you find to be difficult, yet you must interact with them, in some form or another, on a semi-regular basis?

I ignore the fact that I find them difficult. At least while I'm around them. I find athanasios difficult, but I can work with him if I need to (and I do). I was the Co-Chair for the Ohio State Pagan Student Association for a while, and the other Co-Chair was a guy I really didn't like. Well, I worked with him because I had to. Now we're good friends.

Just because I find someone hard to work with doesn't stop me from focusing on what works between us. I don't think I've ever focused on a person's bad qualities, and sometimes I wonder if I'm really being honest if I don't say anything, but when it boils down, I just don't care about negative qualities, so there's no transgression of honesty when I ignore the problems.

Plus, if I have a problem with a person, I usually tell them. Especially if they ask. I can be brutal sometimes, so I've been known to ask people if they were sure they wanted to hear what I had to say.

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