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A number of disjointed thoughts, quotes, dreams, and ideas

I had a dream last night where I shaved my head. It was another form of escape.


I'm on a number of people's "Weight Watchers" filters, and I hope this idea does not offend.

I have been told that I'm too skinny. I had the sudden inspiration today that maybe I should join Weight Watchers and try and use their methods in reverse. I don't know if their methods can be used in that way, though. This pends further research.


After hearing the story he looked at me and simply said, "You still in love wif dis girl."

"No kidding."

      -Root Boy and Frank Bama, Where Is Joe Merchant?


The Tick has pockets. Did you know this? It is an ancient secret. Guard it well, for you are now enlightened.


"You're actually at the best stage of your relationship when you're past all that storybook-ending mumbo jumbo. Too many people waste too much time trying to make the reality of their lives conform to the unreality of the myth of romantic love. Happily ever after, now and then, is what you're looking for, and that takes work. You're right where you should be. Like I said before, it's all a balancing act, like trying to stand on one of those balls in the circus. Your Frank can't get a grip on his feelings. He's just being selfish and doesn't know it. That's what makes you crazy. Once he's able to come to grips with the truth and make room for you in his life, it'll be easier."
      -Desdemona, Where Is Joe Merchant?


My Thuggee knife has tasted its first blood.



Last night I had a dream. I was back in the states, looking back over my boarding passes for the trip, and found that I was supposed to fly out of Heathrow. There was supposed to be a layover of 12 hours in London, and I was very excited about this, as it would have given me a chance to call on hekatatia and there was also a layover in Nottingham. Of course, I knew fred_smith was not in Nottingham, but heck, you never know.

I don't know how I managed to get home without taking that layover, but I did, and now I was seeing that maybe I should have spent a bit more time in Europe. I was thinking about how I would call in to my office. "Hi, I'm not going to make it in. For some stupid reason, I'm in London."

I was willing to fly back to Heathrow to get that 12 hour layover.

Man, sometimes my dreams are crazy. I do the stupidest things in them.


"You're in a spin, Frank. That's all. Remember, lack of rudder control gets you into a spin, and control of the rudder gets you out."
      -Blanton Meyercord, the Jet-Ski Killer, Where Is Joe Merchant?


I've had occasion to hear the arguments for and against naplam recently. It's an interesting experience.


"It's all make-believe. You see what you want to see, not what's really there."
      -Trevor Kane, Where Is Joe Merchant?



I had a dream last night where I had flown back to Paris with my parents. I was disinterested in seeing that silly piece of scaffolding they're so proud of. I'm not sure how to spell its name, but I think it's "Eiffle"? The Eiffle Tower? But my mom wanted to see it, so we went.

The smog was so thick we couldn't see the top. I kept pointing out that there was a perfectly good replica just two hours south of my house, at King's Island, and we didn't need to be in Paris for this.

My parents sought the perfect picture, and I went looking for a new Thuggee knife. Those who have seen mine will know why. I went to a knife store that was (strangely) under the Tower, and looked at every knife in stock. My dad asked what I was doing, and I responded with a generally non-committal, "You probably don't want to know."

They did not have one.
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