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Standing with Giants, Conquering Fear, and Remembering What's Important

Getting through Walking With Fire reviews seems to be a recurring problem :) I'll manage, I promise. Only two left to go.

I went to the 'Shoe today. I haven't been in there in a long time, but I wanted to see it today. I've never been the only person there, and looking at the North and South endzones was eerie and . . . peaceful? Perhaps that's the word.

The difference between that stadium when it's full and when it's empty is shocking. When it's full, you feel the amazing weight (the egregore, if I were trying to sound smart here) of tradition. When it's empty, you hear the whispers of those same traditions.

I don't know: perhaps it's different for a former student athlete who is ashamed of his last few weeks as a letterman here. Perhaps not everyone would feel it.

But I did, and I do.

I conquered, at least temporarily, fear # A-1 today. I did this by seeing how silly it was, and how amusing it could be. That's how I used to conquer fear four months ago, and it was a good return.

I also took back some of my time, figuring that working on a project that no one wanted me on was a waste of time, no matter how badly it needed to be done.

My boys and the girl were damn cute last night. They've been terribly good, not eating any orchids. Infinity, in particular, has been quite good. Then again, she has a new ""Prized Posession".

Tonight, I'm off to be a Boy Scout again. It feels good to think about getting back into that habit.

They're going to laugh at the state of my boots.

"Oh, yesterday's over my shoulder
So I can't look back for too long.
There's just too much to see waiting in front of me
And I know that I just can't go wrong."
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