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"Nibblin' on Sponge Cake. . ."


I had a great time.

See, I go to different festivals for different reasons. I go to Summerland because it feels like coming home. I went to Wellspring this year, and I'll go next year because I feel like I have to. I went to Elysium primarily because it was the regional festival, despite my overloaded schedule and rather panicked thought that my car would be really, really bitchy (Thanks, St. Gulik).

I wondered if GROTTO would pull off a festival that could have the same feeling as Summerland. After all, Summerland is put on by my home Grove, 6th Night. I have to say that Elysium was on par with Summerland (though shorter, and very poorly placed for me), and I had an absolute blast.

John Michael Greer's workshops were wonderful. For those who are interested, I found a link, with that very picture that JMG mentioned: (Careful, not safe for work or persons insecure in their sexuality, but very funny!)

(Their homepage is interesting, too. Obviously from California.)

Wish I'd had a book for JMG to sign, but I didn't manage to get one on Thursday night.

I also learned how to make a "nun hat", as I like to call them. You know: those hats you see the Brit Druids wearing all the time. I don't remember what he called it, but I'll call it a "nun hat" forever.

The ritual of Sacrifice to Pomona was really cool, too. I'm shocked I made it on time. . . :)

Anyway, for those who didn't go: shame on you.

I also have a copy of Isaac's newest book now. Now all I have to do is find the man and make him sign it!

And word has it that OSU beat Northwestern 20-0, so I'm happy with that.

And I now have pictures of me dancing with the Archdruid, as well as me in a parrot hat at the Buffett Ritual.

Just wait until I can put some PS action on them, so they're small enough to post!

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