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December 22nd, 2005

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11:27 am - Fuck Firefox, I'm going back to a reliable browser
I'm giving up on Firefox. It just deleted all my bookmarks, won't let me re-import them, and won't let me bookmark anything.

So, fuck the fox.

I'll see it in hell.

Back to my far more reliable Mozilla Firebird v. 0.7. It never gave me *any* problems.

Good thing I didn't delete it. . . or worse: install over it.

*edit: Apparently, Firefox doesn't come with an uninstaller. . . And the regular "add-remove programs" in Windows doesn't uninstall it. My opinion of Firefox just hit rock bottom.

If I ever said anything good about Firefox, I take it back. All of it.
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: "Death of an Unpopular Poet", -JB

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Date:December 24th, 2005 07:31 am (UTC)
I had the same thing happen to me a few versions ago. Fortunately I had an old copy of bookmarks.html around.

My solution was kinda crazy, I started using del.icio.us (which was recently bought by Yahoo! btw) to store my bookmarks instead.

I know that's not exactly a ringing endorsement of Firefox, but while I did really like my "bookmark hierarchy", ontologies are overrated and I found that no matter which browser I used, after I reached a certain minimum # of bookmarks it just became unusable.

I know it sounds crazy, but believe it or not, the flat "tag" based organization method actually seems to work better so far than all those nested Firefox (or even IE) bookmarks ever did. And I get the added benefit that I can access and add/edit the bookmarks from anywhere.

Plus, I can use my tags as a basis to find other people's bookmarks, which is a neat way to delve into a topic of interest. For example, you can view all del.icio.us users' bookmarks for cthulhu, eris, or discordia.

Anyway, it's pretty disappointing that a bug like this (erasure of bookmarks) would still exist. That is the kind of thing that seriously erodes one's confidence in a product. And I wrote as much in the bug report I filed on it a year or two ago (wish I could find it now).

However, on the whole it still kicks the ass of the competition, at least IE (I can't speak to Opera or Safari, though AFAIK Opera is still payware to avoid annoying ads, and Safari is Mac only). I think the old Mozilla browser (combined e-mail, browser, etc.) still exists too, though it might be under a different name.

It's got its challenges, certainly, but it's so far ahead of the competition that I'll find ways around its few flaws just to have all the other great features it has, not to mention the inherent "fight the power" aspect of the whole thing ("take back the web" and all that :)

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