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Falling down seems to have been worse than I thought. . .

I had three margaritas in an hour today, trying to kill the pain.

It's been a hell of a day since about 12 PM (when I finished but didn't post the previous entry). It seems that the fall I took hit me harder than I thought it would. My shoulder is red and swollen, my neck hurts, and I'm having something I might mistake for signs of a heart attack if I didn't know what they really are (pulled muscle in the chest area).

It got so bad today that I ended up falling asleep again at 1 PM. I just couldn't move anymore. I got up and forced myself to eat, then took a shower. I mean what I say when I use the word "forced". I was starving, but my body didn't want me swallowing.

I'm feeling better, but still not great. I figured that the margaritas weren't helping (and when margaritas can't help, you know you're in trouble), and took some real pain relievers. My shoulder's still mighty sore, but I can breathe and turn my head again.

I took some alcohol to my elbow. I was wrong when I said that the bruise would prove which was worse: there's no bruise, just an ugly abraision on my elbow. It's just coloured like a really, really ugly bruise.

I'm still surprised at how long the pain and swelling held off, and how quickly it all hit me. Of course, I was up a tad late last night, so my body didn't really have time to stiffen up, I suppose.

sleepingwolf, I think we ought to chat, as I have something for you now. . . the fulfillment of a bet. But as I look at what I've got, it seems that it might make a better "presentation" in person than it would a mailing. Are you planning to attend any festivals? I went a bit above and beyond our terms. . . :)
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