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Calling for essays

So, as part of one of the many projects I'm working on for ADF, I was digging for articles on our website relating to the Nine Virtues. . . And I found that we have very few.

Now, there are things that loosely relate, and there are a couple of gems that explicitly relate. But I'm looking for something more in depth than your common, every day Dedicant 125-word submission example for a Virtue. I'm looking for something that covers the Virtue in question in depth and detail.

In particular, I need essays for Wisdom, Fertility, and Courage. Secondarily, I need essays for Moderation, Vision, and Integrity. Third, I need essays for Hospitality, Perseverence, and Piety. That's pretty much the order of importance here (I have nothing for Wisdom and Fertility, and very little for Courage).

While I personally don't mind writing this stuff, I shouldn't have my name all over these training programs. . . It smacks of academic inbreeding, you know *smiles politely*

So I'd really like to see a few more people writing the essays we can use to help get Dedicants thinking hard about their Nine Virtues requirements.

Now, don't worry if you haven't finished your DP: that's not important. What is important is that you're willing to turn out an essay that might expand on work you've already done for your DP, or maybe the essay is what you had for your Nine Virtues before you condensed down.

Fact is, there are Dedicants out there who could use the help. What I want is for our students to have a place to go read something and think about the Virtue in question.

Now, who's volunteering . . . ? Show some courage before I show some vision and volunteer you, because I have the perseverence to see this through, even if it means that I might have to do some volunteering of others. I assure you that I've already thought about who I can hit up for these things, so don't think you can get by just being quiet. . .

Keep in mind, too, that it doesn't have to focus 100% on the Virtue, or even on a single Virtue. But it should talk somewhat extensively about at least one, maybe talking about mythology associated with it, or a mythic hero who exemplified (or did not have) this Virtue. Really, I don't care much how it gets covered, so long as it's covered.

And, of course, I imagine Oak Leaves would love to have your submission, too. . . They're low on submsisions :)

How's that for a first post this calendar year?

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