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"Oh, I'm in love with a fast movin' angel. . ."

Okay, I promised a story today about what got into me on the ADF site. If you're still in the dark and are an ADF member, do a search on the Wiki pages for "Eris" or "DemonicGlobalConspiracy" and do some reading. If you aren't an ADF member, you'll just have to use your imagination and think about how I would define those two entries.

Anyway, As you all know, I was at Elysium last weekend. I had a blast.

Well, Sharon (Grove Organizer for Whispering Lakes Protogrove in Erie, PA) and I went out to lunch at about noon on Saturday. An hour and a half is more than enough to eat, right?

[Apparently there are rumours flying around some ADF circles that Sharon and I are involved with something. . . untoward. I find the idea amusing, myself. It's good to occasionally have rumours circle you. I'll bet she's thinking that it's too bad the rumours aren't about her and someone *good*] :)

Well, it seems it wasn't. We went to Bob Evans and there was no one waiting to be seated, but it still took about 5 minutes for a hostess to come up and ask us if we were waiting to be seated. We said yes, and we were promptly seated.

Then we sat in our booth for a while (me nodding off a bit because I was somewhat tired), and no one came to bring us drinks or to take our order. Finally, after we've been sitting there for Gods know how long, two waitresses come up to us, and one asks, "Have you been waiting long?" Sharon looks at her and says, "Yeah, kinda."

Well, the other waitress turns to the first and says, in a nice, curt voice, "See, I told you so!" and walks off.

Well, the waitress then asks us to hold on for a moment and disappears again. A few minutes later, she's back, and finally takes our order. We wait a while, and eventually she comes back with dinner. So we eat. I finish my pancakes with my usual gusto, but Sharon is (apparently) a slower eater than I am, so I politely wait for her to finish.

Well, we get our bill, we leave, and get in my car. Well, it doesn't actually like to start this time, so I try again. Finally, it starts. I see the clock, and I panic just a bit. It's already 1:30, and the ritual is supposed to start at that time.

So now, for one rare time in my life, I'm counting on Pagan Standard Time.

Well, anyway, we roll into Camp Clifton at about 1:45, I pull off my shirt and grab my robe from the back seat, pulling that on as I hurry to the fire circle.

I stepped in just before the gates were opened.

I managed to make a sacrifice for our Grove, and to do my assigned part. It was good.

Well, there was also some discussion here on LJ where I mentioned that I have to honour my Patroness, Eris, in each ritual, and ocean_star mentioned that GROTTO doesn't do an Outdwellers invocation.

As I walked into the ritual space, I put my hand in my pocket, looking for a sacrifice. I found a stack of business cards in that pocket, and I knew what I had to do.

When the praise offerings came around, I stepped into the center of the circle. I took out one card, and said: "My Lady, call me." I put the card in the fire, and walked away.

Apparently everyone gets worried when I do sacrifices. Maybe they think I'm going to call Eris into the middle of the rite? :)

Well, yesterday the call came.

I was updating things in Wiki (which is an organic, useful little tool for updating websites), and I came across my entry on "Discordian". In that entry, undefined, was an entry for Eris. I couldn't pass that up. I later found out that at the time I started updating, my home phone was ringing, and one of Eris' most chaotic muses was on the other end. Eris really did call me, and She planted the seeds of creativity that allowed me to make those Wiki entries.

Wiki entries updated last night include:


And there are more good WikiWords waiting in those entries. Please fill them in, if you can!

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