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January 9th, 2006

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12:46 pm - Courage
Over the weekend, as I was looking for examples of essays on courage for the Dedicant booklet I was working on, I suddenly remembered that the military keeps their complete list of Medal of Honor recipients online, including the citations.

And I realized that there was probably nothing we could write that would reflect a more perfect example of courage.

So I've placed a recommendation that those who have difficulty understanding courage read through some of the full-text citations on the army's website:


Take a few minutes to read some. The more recent ones are somewhat more verbose and less technical, but they all reflect the courage that won the medal.

I was a bit torn on including the link, I admit: not everyone finds wars courageous. I made sure to talk about other forms of courage, not just that found on the battlefield, and I think that evens it out. We'll see, though :)
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