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Looking for a few good submissions

I'm on the look out for a few good DP submissions.

I've already stolen zalon_draconis' essay on wisdom because I felt it fit into the "excellent" category, so I need a brave soul or two who would like to submit a Virtues essay that is "excellent" (i.e. not merely "adequate), preferably one that is not a Wisdom essay.

I'm also going to see what I can find from my fellow Deputy Preceptors, if they have any ideas. . .

Lemme tell you, though: writing examples of DP work that is "inadequate" is. . . quite fun. :)

zalon_draconis, I'll need to get your written permission to use it, of course, and I'll also want you to approve of the critique I wrote of it, which I'll send you as soon as I can dig up an email address and copy/paste my comments into an email (shouldn't take long, probably later tonight).

Anyway, enough about DP stuff. I got to chat with erienc over the phone this morning. Quite nice.

Sorry, shizukagozen: no recordings were made, so you know it was tame *sighs*

I'm dropping out to get some catfood, and then it's back to the grind trying to get this DP Virtues book out. :) I expect to have it finished/edited this weekend.
Tags: adf, cats, dedicant path, friends, hotties
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