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Cartoons and fun.

A very special thanks to creature_tamer, tesinth, and singingwren for sitting around, re-living childhood with me last weekend.

We watched ten hours of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and it was good.

Thanks for coming by and enjoying.

Last night, I had a dream in which The Princess Bride was done by porpoises. Or maybe seals. I'm not entirely certain. While I know what the differece between the two is, they looked like seals, but in my mind they were definitely porpoises. Perhaps they were porpoises wearing disguises?

I have a fairly nasty cold, but it's just head-stuff, so I'm still functional. I just sound pretty bad and blow my nose a lot.

I'm going to have to write an annotated vocational statement. I'll turn it in without the notation, but the annotated version will be fully available to anyone interested, I think. It will contain some interesting information.

I think I will visit my parents in Chicago this weekend, and will see latexpussy, ferrelux and bangkokrobot. I want to visit the Baha'i temple in Willmette, IL, on Saturday.

I have replaced something of value, something I lost a year and a half ago.

For my own amusement, please take a moment or two to check these out and do them:
Tags: amusement, clergy, dreams, friends, hotties, memes

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