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A scandal at Beirut University

In Beirut, there was once a scandal in which students began to practice magic at the university. They used books that contained
"certain drawings of perverse demons, barbaric names and harmful, presumptuous commands replete with arrogance and quite fit for demons; certain of the incantations were attributed to Zoroaster the magus, others to Ostanes the magician, others yet to Manetho.

The books taught the following spells:
  • How one can set cities in turmoil, making the populace rise up and array fathers against their sons and grandsons.
  • By what means one might break up legitimate marriages and cohabitations.
  • How one might win over a woman who wishes to live in chastity to illicit love.
  • How one might attempt adultery and murder.
  • How one might commit theft.
  • In what manner one can compel judges to deliver a sentence of acquittal."

-Zachary, Life of Severus.

I wish we had scandals like that at OSU.
Tags: amusement, chaos magic, history

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