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Studying and kickin' GSP ass

I've been working like crazy on this Study Program stuff. Gettin' stuff done, kickin' ass.

But, while I've been citing sources as I've gone through, I haven't compiled my actual bibliography yet.

The primary reason for this is because of the way my desk currently looks:

I'm terrified of making that bibliography. Add to that the number of things I've printed out from the 'net, and we're talking a lot of sources. A whole lot.

(Because someone is going to ask, I've kept an enlarged picture where you can read most of the titles. I know that there's book-lust on my f-list, and far be it from me not to try my best to satisfy wanting friends.)

But today, I look at the GSP, and I say, "Damn, I'm well over half-done!" I hope to tackle and destroy the Bardic portion next. I think I'm finally old enough, but we'll see. For those who are local to Columbus (and particularly the Olentangy River) and are going through the DP's nature awareness requirement, you might find the information on Nature Awareness, req. 4 pertinent to your work.

Btw, if anyone happens to have borrowed my copy of Hutton's Triumph of the Moon, I could use it back. It's driving me crazy being unable to find it, and I can't finish History of Neopaganism and Druidism without it.

Oh, and does anyone local have a copy of Comparative Mythology that I can borrow? Off to check the library for that one!

My only plans for the weekend are to possibly see a movie with tesinth and to definitely see mmefrufru's play. . . But neither of those is set in terms of date/time for me. I'm afraid of breaking momentum on the GSP stuff.

If you'd have asked me three weeks ago when I would finish, I'd have told you I'd decided not to bother with the GSP.

Edit: This morning, when I came into my office, I was going to entitle my entry differently. It was going to be titled, "Today, I am day-dreaming of the Battle of Hoth". Instead, I ended up with this. Which is probably more apt.

Tags: adf, books, clergy, dedicant path, friends, movies

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