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Do I have plans? Yeah, I have plans.

"This book by a well-known Celtic American shaman"

Wow. I'm twitching. Hard. And I can't stop.

I've spent nearly every night in the past two weeks working past midnight on the Generalist Study Program for ADF, updating an average of 3 essays per day on my website, with an eye to Dedicant Priest Concecration. It's been interesting and, quite honestly, fun experience, even if it does have that sort of "hoop" feel to it.

It's not hard, just a *lot* of work. It has, when combined with the (not so) regular, day-to-day administrative work I've been tied up in recently with ADF, given me the occasion to look seriously at ADF and evaluate it and my own future with it. This has been invaluable.

I'm looking forward to being done with it, and hope I can pull off that March 14 deadline: between this and my paper for Jones' class, I'm really hurting for free time.

But my next project, I think, is going to be about a certain Nemeton in Arizona.

The questions and insights I've come across with this class have been amazing, and I'm anxious to find out what I can learn about a place that I can not only visit, but interview the people who built *and* utilize the space.

And I think that I can get a paper out of that circle that's worth submitting to an academic journal of some sort.

Here's hoping that Jones is willing to advise me on this particular project.
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