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The Buffett Ritual set list, and me being a flirt?

I got my set-list written out for the Buffett ritual, and wanted to post it so that people interested could go digging for the songs:

  1. Processional - "Tiki Bar"
  2. Universal Spirit - "Barometer Soup"
  3. Earth Mother - "One Particular Harbor"
  4. Awen - "Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season"
  5. Outdwellers - "Fins"
  6. Two Powers - Inspired by "A Salty Piece of Land" and "Stranded on a Sandbar"
  7. Well (Ocean) - "A Pirate Looks at Forty"
  8. Fire - "Far Side of the World"
  9. Tree - "Lone Palm"
  10. Gatekeeper - "Beachhouse on the Moon"
  11. Opening Gates - "Volcano"
  12. Ancestors - "Son of a Son of a Sailor"/"Cheeseburger in Paradise"
  13. Nature Spirits - "Savannah Fare You Well"
  14. Deities - "Perfect Partner"
  15. Key Offerings - "Stars on the Water"
  16. Final Sacrifice and Omen - "Coconut Telegraph"
  17. Litany of the Waters - "All About the Water"
  18. Hallowing the Waters - "Boomerang Love"
  19. Closing - uncertain
  20. Gatekeeper Thanks - "Beachhouse on the Moon"
  21. Closing Gates - "Lone Palm"
  22. End - "I Don't Know and I Don't Care"

Dating StrengthsDating Weaknesses
1. Flirtiness - 100%
2. Spirituality - 92.3%
3. Varied Interests - 85.7%
4. Independence - 85.7%
5. Optimism - 85.7%
1. Appearance - 55.6%
2. Negative Reputation - 55.6%
3. Arrogance - 50%

Dating Strengths Explained
Flirtiness - Flirting is a good way to break the ice, and you are a pro at it. Being flirtatious will open up many dating opportunities.
Spirituality - Your spiritual side brings you peace and balance, and keeps you grounded. This is attractive, as you can help reinforce this quality in other people.
Varied Interests - You don't limit yourself, and that's a dating asset. Your varied interests make you available and interesting to a wider range of girls.
Independence - Your strong sense of independence comes in handy while dating. You are not held back or tied down; you are free to pursue your interests.
Optimism - People are drawn to your positive outlook. Your optimism attracts others to you.

Dating Weaknesses Explained
Appearance - Devoting a greater effort at making good first impressions is a must. Try to be fit and develop a style if you want to catch a girl's attention.
Negative Reputation - Your reputation may be working against you. Sometimes this is impossible to control, but try to counter-act it by presenting yourself in positive ways.
Arrogance - You are a bit full of yourself. You need to practice a little humility now and then, as arrogance can be a turn-off.

Dating Strengths and Weaknesses Quiz
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