Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

For those around Columbus (or those who want to ship towels)

Bath towels needed!!

The call is out for bath towels. they are needed especially in surgery. They are used on the operating tables to provide comfort as the dogs undergo surgery. If you can help, please bring the towels on down!!

Thanks again!

You can take/send them to the following location:
Franklin County Animal Care & Control
1731 Alum Creek Drive
Columbus, OH 43207

For more info:
Tel: 614/462-7282
Cell: 614/205-1508
Fax: 614/462-6658


From personal experience at various animal clinics and various hospitals, I know that they go through towels like mad, and I also know that the animals really do appreciate it.

So if you have any you can spare, please do.
Tags: pets

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