Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

As the Wheel of the Year turns. . .

I hit a sudden writer's block last night. I was doing so well, too: I'd finally managed to crack the main problem with the DP Through the Wheel of the Year book that I wrote: the fact that I managed to fit nine freakin' High Days into one year.

I mean, I'm a magician, sure, and a Chaote to boot, but who can fit nine High Days into a single year?

But I wrote out the entire schedule in dates, and I think I managed to set it so that the High Day rites are at least somewhat more correctly spaced, and there are now only 8 of them.

Of course, with the removal of two lessons (each High Day includes two lessons: one on the High Day and traditions associated with it and the other about the ritual recap), I now have two weeks left to make up lessons for: the last two weeks.

One of those weeks was easy: it's basically just a list of items that need to be included, to ensure that the Dedicant has everything. It includes where to send it, what to expect when you send it, etc. I should have included that before.

The other one is more difficult. It's about reviewing what you learned and creating an idea of where you want to go from there. It's designed to show that the DP isn't an end, but a beginning (which I firmly believe it is). So I'm trying to work up some things about that, but that's where the writer's block comes in.

I've got two sentences on that lesson. If anyone wants to help on this topic, though, I have some very specific ideas of how you can. I just need to think about it more, I think.

For those using the current draft, I doubt anything has changed up to the point you're currently at. The first change was at week 15, and it was just a re-ordering of dates. The biggest changes are at the very end, where things started to get massively shuffled around.

A full list of changes is available to ADF members on the ADF Wiki, at MJDProjects, if you're interested to see what the difference in editions will be. It's toward the bottom.

But I'm using the DP book to take my mind off other things, and it's helping a bit. Hopefully, version two can be out shortly.
Tags: adf, dedicant path, mentoring

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