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Ár nDraíocht Féin
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May 19th, 2006

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05:04 pm - Questions to ask and answer
Taken from latexpussy's lj, here's a bit of a quiz:

Ask me one question for each topic (in depth or simple) and I will do the same for you.

1. Travel
2. Religion
3. Family
4. Love
5. Sex
6. Hobbies
7. Pets
8. Friendship
9. Literature
10. Movies
11. Home town
12. Physical Appearance
13. Volunteer Work
14. Life Goals
15. The World

My answers to her questions can be found in this entry.
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Date:May 22nd, 2006 05:00 am (UTC)
4. Love -- In plenty of other languages, there are many different degrees and types of feeling that we lump together as "love" in English. If you were to create new words to replace that one word in English that would immediately be adopted and used by everyone, how many would you make and how would they be used?

There's love as a verb and a noun. It becomes an adverb with an -ly. We already use it in lots of differnet ways. But if you're talking about making it into a system of levels, I dunno. I think I would prefer if we all gave love, at whatever level we may feel it, the same respect. I love my brother as I love my wife as I love my mistress as I love my friend.

My, how amusingly complicated *that* would be. As it stands, you love your brother because he's family, and you love your wife because you're married to her, but these are different loves. You fuck your mistress, and you are simply friends with your friend.

I'm not sure that all those things are different, though.

5. Sex -- You've commented that sex isn't a necessary thing for your life, and in some cases, the lack of it looks pretty desireable. I, on the other hand, am pretty much the opposite on that score. Do you think the energies that would normally be reserved for your libido get channelled into other parts of your personality, and if so, where does all that drive go?

Well, there's an amusing disconnect there. For all that I can honestly say that sex is not an important factor in a relationship, it's not something that I need on a daily basis, it's more that I've learned that I don't need to have it in my relationships to make them incredibly worthwhile.

I'm always interested in sex, sexuality, and generally hot & sexy activity (hell, I'm male: I'm always ready to go), but I don't think that it belongs as central to any relationship, and I can work in a relationship that is entirely sexless and be happy. Sex would, I imagine, simply add another layer to the relationship which could be either very good, or very bad :)

While on the one hand I seem disinterested and on the other you seem overly intersted, those hands can always be put to better use. *grins*

6. Hobbies -- What hobbies did you have as a child, but no longer participate in?

I played a lot of chess in late high school, but that trickled off when I got to college. There just aren't enough women in the chess clubs, you know. I also liked to read a lot of fantasy novels, and now I don't buy them anymore. I used to create D&D characters just to have something to do, but I've never bothered to learn the 3rd Edition rules, so I no longer do that.

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