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Finding the threads I need

He said he was fascinated with the idea of spring break, and he had actually witnessed the ritual once in Cancun. He described it as a wet T-shirt contest where skimpily clad coeds danced in circles while men in baggy bathing suits doused them with giant water guns. "And they call us pagans?"
-A Salty Piece of Land, p. 248
On Saturday morning, I came upon a crew doing a religious service for the Pride Parade. What caught my eye was the fact that they were all wearing long, white robes. One even had a hood.

Sure, they weren't Pagan, but who says you have to be a Druid to wear white?

So I wandered up and asked them where they got their duds.

It turns out that there's a local religious supply store here in Columbus, and one of the priests gave me the name of the shop: Generations Religious Gifts & Church Supply down on Grandview and Rt. 33.

So today I stopped in during lunch and had a look around.

I really should have been one of those high-church Grand Muckety-Mucks or whatever they call them. They had so many cool things that priests could wear in ritual! They even carry some of those silly hats that bishops wear! They had a little bit of everything, but I found what I was looking for: a white, hooded robe with no decoration.

Unlike robes designed by Neo-Pagans (presubably to look as silly as possible and to exponentially increase the chance of setting your altar and robes on fire), these robes had reasonably sized sleeves that were not too close nor too far from the wrist. 2000 years of working a liturgy goes a long way in practical design.

I have not bought the robe yet: it runs $130 or so and I don't have that kind of cash to splurge on something that I won't need for another 6 weeks. Besides, I might find something nicer.

The only issue with the robe is that it's designed to be worn under something else more elaborate. It's thus very thin and somewhat see-through. This doesn't particularly bother me, but I'll have to find some shoes to go with my white dress pants now, as I expect that, with such . . . visibility, it would be a good idea to have something on under it when standing in front of a fire.

Of course, wearing white underneath doesn't necessarily help what might be visible when it rains. . .

Wet Druid Robe Contest!

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