Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

More on the Commentaries

I know you've all been waiting and waiting and waiting for this.

Commenta Bernensia and the commentary of Arnulfus Aurelianensis on Lucan's Pharsalia

I'll be spending my lunch hour analyzing the text and comparing to ensure that no typos were made (I've already caught a couple).

The Adnotationum will take a bit more time. I have to do some descipherment before I can post them, but they'll be on the same page, as they're apparently part of the Commenta Bernensia. Also, I have found part of an unpublished manuscript by Hugutio called Magnae Derivationes that I have a selection from to read through.

I'm working through the translations, but they're not easy for me.

I'm also going to write a short biography of Arnulf when I get a few minutes, as I think it really sheds some light on these texts.

Yeah, I'm really, really getting into this stuff. Sorry: I gotta have something to obsess over for the next week, until . . . Well, until something else happens. . .


Yes, and that's all you get: one obsession at a time.
Tags: deities, esus, history, piety

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