Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Dirty dreams

I had a series of dreams, all of them very dirty and all of them involving persons who read my LJ.

I don't recollect the events, honestly, except to say that yes, they were very, delightfully dirty.

I remember who all but one of the people were. The fifth is a very foggy recollection now, but when I woke up, I knew it was someone on my flist.

But, because it is really a shame that I don't remember these dreams beyond that they were dirty and you (reading this) might have been involved, I figured there might be a chance that you would remember what we did last night in the dream-world.

Poll #763174 Poll 17: Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap

Were you in my dreams last night?

Perhaps, I don't recall either.
If I wasn't, I should have been.
If I was, I shouldn't have been.

What, exactly, did we do in this dream?

No one can read the poll results, and comments are permanently screened, in case anyone needs any extra room to answer the fill-in-the-blank question. . .

Edit: Or, I guess, you could choose to unscreen the comments yourself, which is perfectly fine by me :)
Tags: dreams, polls

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