Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A quick review of the last 168 hours or so.

  1. Saw Pirates twice, despite not being so happy with it the first time.
  2. Received a picture from a very hot girl with "chronarchy" written across her chest (I think I finally made it big in the Internet world).
  3. Found and transcribed two commentaries on Lucan's Pharsalia.
  4. Found (but didn't transcribe yet) the Adnotationes super Lucanum.
  5. Began translations and putting said commentaries online as a public service (and because it's nice to have 'em handy).
  6. Had a conversation with Eris that hasn't been transcribed yet.
  7. Made a joke about cornering the market on paisley socks.
  8. Had my cell phone refuse to dial, drop connections, and generally act like a bitch about 30% of the time.
  9. Emailed an author about a corrected citation.
  10. Slept in a bed that was not my own (twice).
  11. Slept in my own bed (twice).
  12. Slept on various couches (every other night).
  13. Sang in the shower.

As an FYI, no the post yesterday wasn't directed specifically. I just. . . figured I needed to say something about my dropping off the face of the earth on occasion.

And my newest goal with LJ? Get all the information into all the fields on the update screen before the words "Autosaved draft" appear on the page. I almost had it this time.
Tags: books, eris, esus, friends, history, hotties, lj, movies

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