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"Everyone's got someone they can't have . . . I got you"

I'm looking forward to getting as far away from everyone this weekend as possible.

So, allow me to explain something:

I'm 24. A good, round age. I'm not old, but I'm not really young. Right?

I'm old enough to drink. I can by tobacco. I have a good credit rating, and carry a credit card that I use responsibly. I can vote and die for my country. I own a house. I have a steady job, a retirement plan, and two dependents (granted, they're cats, but they still depend on me).

Yet I'm not old enough to rent a freaking car? They want to charge me an extra $100 because of my age?

Assholes. That's all I have to say about them.

So I'm calling *all day* today to see if anyone will give me either a student rate, or will waive the fee.

This is the last thing holding me back from having a great time in Boston. After all, I have free plane tickets, a reservation at a hotel, and I already know I have some great company (between Cei, healing_coyote, and a bunch of stuffy professors and academics, this is gonna rock!). I also know I can just forget what I've been going through and spend money like water.

I can always pay off the tab later. Or stick Zeus with it (sorry, a bit of an in-joke).

I need to find out where the USS Constitution is anchored. . .

One bottle of mead, two books authored by Cei ripe for signing, something special, and maybe a Hawaiian shirt or two. That'll set things right.

Time to pay off my tab, pour myself in a cab, and get back to work.

It's a damn good thing that there are too many good things in my life for me to stay sore at it long.

Btw, I plan on updating a couple of times today. . .

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