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September 8th, 2006

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10:40 am - A Journey for Epona
I mentioned a few days ago that I'm trying to figure out how to send a goddess cross-country. I've been devoting literally all my free time since Monday to figuring out how to do this, preparing myself for it, and preparing the devotionals that will need to be done in order to do this.

In short, I'm sending my statue of Epona to erienc, who lives in Texas.

In long, I'm making preperations to take a goddess, who has been at every devotional I have done at my altar for four years, and sending Her away. This is more than a statue, more than a representation. I realized this when I was speaking to erienc on the phone and I said, "I'd like to send her to you." The use of the word "her" affected me deeply, mostly because it was so unintentional.

Truly, I was sending erienc a goddess, not a statue.

In a sense, I see it as a production, a play put on to add some formality and seriousness to the process.

But deeply, I see it as a religious and spiritually important working that I'm doing.

My journals on this subject will be more explicit about the process, the prayers that are being written and executed, and how the whole situation came to be.

But the soon-to-be-empty space on my altar is bringing out more deep religious feeling than I think I have ever experienced in my time doing daily devotions.

Some things to be done before I send the statue out:
  1. Write the prayer for Epona I use down so it can be used by erienc while she's there.
  2. Write the prayer for Epona that I will need to speak daily to the empty space she usually inhabits.
  3. Write a prayer to say to Epona as I send her away.
  4. Bathe the statue and find a suitable wrapping for her before packaging
The first three items are done. I want to have Epona sent out on Monday, and to have everything I've done up to that point on my webpage Monday morning.

This is a really new and interesting experience for me, one I never really contemplated before.

This weekend I will be shopping for both the packaging and the packing materials. I have some ideas, but there's a lot to work through. On Monday, see what I came up with.
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[User Picture]
Date:September 8th, 2006 03:04 pm (UTC)
Let me know (today, please) what packing materials you'll need, I've got just about everything here, should be able to find ya a good box as well.
[User Picture]
Date:September 8th, 2006 03:10 pm (UTC)
Most important is a sturdy box. Unfortunately, I think that she and I will have to take a trip somewhere to look for a box she'll fit nicely into, really. I rarely carry the measurements of my goddesses with me.

But thank you for the offer.

I have all the packing stuff I could possibly need here in my office, too, though.
Date:September 8th, 2006 03:55 pm (UTC)


Hail Epona.
[User Picture]
Date:September 8th, 2006 03:59 pm (UTC)

Re: *beams*

Woah, funky-cool-name-change. . .

I miss so much when I don't read LJ for so long.

But I thought you'd like this entry :)
[User Picture]
Date:September 8th, 2006 04:25 pm (UTC)
That sounds lovely and very meaningful.
[User Picture]
Date:September 8th, 2006 05:13 pm (UTC)
It really is. More than I expected, that's for sure.
[User Picture]
Date:September 8th, 2006 04:47 pm (UTC)
It's a shame you can't use Pony Express.
[User Picture]
Date:September 8th, 2006 05:13 pm (UTC)
Ouch: it hurts just to read that :)
[User Picture]
Date:September 8th, 2006 07:37 pm (UTC)
*laughs out loud and gets funny looks from co-workers*
I loved that comment.
[User Picture]
Date:September 9th, 2006 01:04 am (UTC)
Wrap her in velvet before anything else. Soft, fuzzy & cushiony. She'll love it. :-D
Date:September 9th, 2006 01:16 am (UTC)
Devotion. Such a noble thing. I'm always glad to hear people taking it so seriously.
[User Picture]
Date:September 9th, 2006 04:08 am (UTC)
The more I think of it, the more I keep coming back to the fact that hay oughta be part of the packing material somehow.
[User Picture]
Date:September 10th, 2006 01:28 am (UTC)
Sounds like quite a gift your giving!

By the way, what came to mind upon reading this was all the ancient ceremonies for moving an idol/sacred object around. Of the examples that come to mind, there's the processions of the sacred items from Eleusis to Athens and back, the yearly procession of Nerthus' wagon through the Germanic tribes and back to her sacred isle, and in the Imperial era the procession of the objects of Isis to the sea and back during the Navigatum.

All these involve a return of the item to its original place. Maybe don't intend for the physical object to return to you, but you never what *else* might come back... :-)

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