Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Drums of WalMart Ice Cream

WalMart sells what could only be described as two gallon drums of ice cream.

As I was seaching for some ice cream for the cats (hey, it's as good an excuse as any to buy ice cream) last night, I came across these drums in the ice cream aisle.

For a moment, I just stopped and stared. Who eats two gallons of ice cream?

The answer came in a flash: I do.

Well, it was more of an, "I would, if I could find a place to store the drum while I was working my way through each bowl." A two gallon drum of ice cream wouldn't fit in my freezer.

I know this because I went to hardware and brought back a measuring tape.

But as I was staring at the drums, I muttered, "Wow, that's a hell of a lot of ice cream . . ." I'm not sure if it was the amazement or the lust in my voice that caught the attention of the girl next to me, but I heard her laugh and say, "Would you believe that I have a patient who can eat an entire thing like that?"

I smiled. "Actually, I would. I was thinking about getting one of those myself."

She was a black woman about my age, wearing scrubs with a cat and dog pattern on them. Her hair was long and tied back, but still fell around her shoulders. "What kind of patients do you work with?"

"Cancer patients. I'm a nurse. We ran out of chocolate," she said. "So I came here to get some more. I told him we'd bring some back." She looked over at the case. "And, of course, they're out of chocolate."

"Can you get another brand to tide him over?" I asked, curious about the man who was talented enough to eat the entire drum in one night, should a quart not be enough to satisfy his appetites before bed.

"I dunno," she said. "Looks like I have to try."

She reached into the fridge, grabed a much smaller tub of chocolate ice cream, gave me a beautiful smile and walked away.
Tags: hotties, writings
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