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Ár nDraíocht Féin
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September 20th, 2006

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10:51 am - Eris keeps everyone on their toes. Or sneaking out on their toes. . .
So there's this great picture of me, holding up a hotdog bun and preparing my offering to Eris during my Consecration at the Summerland Unity Rite.

And right behind me, romandruid is sitting there, averting her eyes in a "damnit, there he goes again" sort of look.

Love ya, romandruid. Don't ever change. . . I'm not gonna. . .

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Date:September 20th, 2006 03:02 pm (UTC)
I know. I find myself far more interested in what the people in the background are doing in the pictures from that rite. Mostly because I remember what I did, and I remember what I saw, but hell, there were all sorts of things going on that I couldn't see. It's nice to get a little perspective on this stuff.

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