Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

That's what friends are for

mazisexton has given me some good suggestions.

I apologize if you don't hear from me in the near future. I'm going to take a couple of her suggestions in particular to heart.

I'm scheduling a weekend with the deities. October 7 and 8 are days I simply won't be available to anyone because I'm only going to be there for them. She suggested two days of "prayer, offerings, reflecting, and conversing with the Devas," and I've been wanting at least that for a long time: I think that I just needed someone to suggest that I find that deeper involvement, rather than to tell me to get away from things and drop the things I'm juggling.

Rather than taking time off, a poor solution at best for me, this is a chance for me to get intensive when it comes to ritual work and to deepen connections that sometimes get neglected. Call it "recharging" if need be, but that's not really how I see it.

This is what I really like about mazisexton: she knows me well enough to realize that telling me that I need to drop a ball isn't going to help. Sometimes, I wish I was like her, and could do for others what she just did for me.

And on Thursday of next week, I know what I'm doing. Hey, we've all got to have a guilty pleasure somewhere. It'll be better than watching on my grainy, snowy TV. (Reception is improved, but not by enough to really enjoy the show on that channel, though it has improved from "unwachable" to "bearable," at least on certain days: thanks tesinth.)

I think I'm going to watch I Sailed to Tahiti With an All Girl Crew tonight.
Tags: deities, friends, hotties, movies, smallville

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