Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A quiet night

Last night, I did nothing.

After I left my office around 7 PM, I went searching hard for the movie Darkman, which I have never seen. You see, I've picked up a comic book called Darkman Vs. The Army of Darkness, and I want to get the background story before I read the comic book.

I assure you, it's killing me that I own a comic I can't read yet.

But, after a night of searching, I came up empty-handed at the rental stores I visited, with one telling me, "Oh, that's an old movie. You might want to try the library."

Then again, I suppose 1990 was 16 years ago.

So, when I finally came home, I ended up sitting with Tina on the couch and watching some brain-candy: Dancing with the Stars, Lost, and The Nine.

Lost still manages to keep my attention when it's on, but The Nine just. . . isn't any good. It's too scattered and disjointed for any sort of plot or feeling to take place. I think it's trying too hard.

But the nice thing about Wednesday evening TV is that none of it takes any thought.

I ended up falling asleep with Tina on the couch. It was a nice change of pace.

Edit: On the bright side (regarding how old Darkman is), one of our students is reading his history book, and said, "That's crazy. The Japanese weren't allowed to become citizens until 1952. That's not that long ago."
Tags: bruce campbell, comics, hotties, movies, work

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