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October 27th, 2006

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07:52 pm - Damnitalltohell: firefox
Well, it looks like it's time to try FireFox again. LiveJournal has managed to make reading individual journals of people with certain kinds of layouts virtually impossible, so, as much as I'm dreading it, it looks like FireFox is going to be my next browser update.


And I so, so wanted to avoid this.

Why can't sites learn to use clean, easy HTML that doesn't mess up everything you want to read?

*rolls eyes*

Time to join the latter-half of this decade.

Stupid LJ. Stupid FireFox.

I'm gonna miss this old bird. Alas, FireBird release 0.7, you have served me well.
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Date:October 27th, 2006 08:38 pm (UTC)

Re: Welcome to 2006

Viewing comment pages in my style doesn't help. I still can't access, say, singingwren's journal, because the page refuses to scroll, so I can't get to a comment page.

I would particularly appreciate it if Mozilla's Knowledge Base maybe wasn't timing out over and over again. That might dispose me better toward them. . .

Still no bookmarks in FireFox. . .
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Date:October 27th, 2006 08:41 pm (UTC)

Re: Welcome to 2006


It finally loaded.

Their solution?

"This problem is apparently related to the installer not properly exiting all running Firefox processes (bug 357922). In this case, the bookmarks are not lost. To restore the "missing" bookmarks and fix other problems that may be related to the upgrade: Uninstall Firefox, delete the Firefox program folder (usually "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox") and reinstall Firefox 2.0. The bookmarks will be back to normal (you may need to reinstall some added plugins)."

Apparently, their solution to the installer not working properly is to re-run the installer.


Oh, it's good to have a sense of humour, in the end.

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