Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

FireFox, a ritual, and plumbing!

The FireFox conversion has gone excrutiatingly poorly so far. While I solved the issue of getting my bookmarks to work, FireFox has failed one huge test: I cannot log into one of the main sites I need in order to do my work (for those co-workers scoring at home: the Name Change Tracker). I'm still working on this one, and I imagine that if I can't figure it out, someone downstairs can, but I'd like a browser that magically worked right the first time.

Last night's ritual went amazingly well. I'm going to need to tap singingwren for more of these things. She's better at it than I am.

As I was going through stuff for the ritual yesterday morning, though, I found my grandfather's pocketknife, one that I had been despairing over losing for nearly a year. To find that just before a ritual celebrating the ancestors may have had something to do with the way the rite went for me.

Though high on the list of amusements in that rite was when the ranger asked about road_trip_judi. He looked rather disappointed when tanrinia informed him that she wouldn't be there.

The plumbing in the house is, well, bad news. In my attempt to fix it, I may have made things slightly worse. At least, though, water is now flowing down the drains, rather than down into the basement bathroom. For the most part. On good days.

But the center of the problem seems to be a backwards bit of piping. tesinth pointed this out to me the first time we had issues, and I haven't had the time, money, or ability to replace it. Now, it's become urgent, so no matter what, it's getting replaced.

The backwards pipe

I spent part of my morning taking pictures of the piece that needs to be fixed so that I can make sure I have the right parts. I made it worse last night by possibly cracking it open with the auger (yes, I am brilliant, though in my defense it may already have been cracked), so that backwards T-Y needs to get replaced pronto. So far as I can tell, all the way down the line from there it's clear.

So here's to hoping that I can manage this one :)
Tags: adf, family, friends, hotties, house, lj, rituals, three cranes grove

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