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November 22nd, 2006

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02:48 pm - Thanksgiving and festivals
Seminary is the last occasion most students will have to fret about the perils of excessive clergy power.

    -"Relocating The Clergy Ego" by Dan Hotchkiss

Why is it that each Thanksgiving recently, the first person to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to me is not an American?

Last year, it was a nice Austrian waitress who served me Hungarian goulash (as we sat under Mernunnos, a weird antlered mermaid) in a restaurant in Salzburg at Walking With Fire.

This year, it was a lovely girl with a thick accent from Mexico City who happened into my office. She was one of those girls who can just. . . light up the room. I love it when they're my customers, and moreso when they're nice and wish me a good holiday.

Granted, about twenty minutes ago an angry (American) customer told someone on the phone that I was personally responsible for Thanksgiving not occurring this year, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that doesn't count.

Today, it seems, has been a day to encounter beauty. I saw another girl today I may write about.

And I learned something about myself today, too. I may share later.

The workshop I'd like to offer on next year's festival circuit?

"Things No One Tells You About Being Clergy"

I've only been clergy for two and a half months, and I can already speak for an hour on this topic.

Now, back to work: it's almost time for a four-day weekend away from everyone. I love the holidays. . . Everyone finally leaves me alone :)

And I have a penny with a starfish on it in my pocket. . .
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Date:November 22nd, 2006 09:17 pm (UTC)

Re: Interesting....

I hope so. It's stuff I wish I would have heard before I started on this. Not that it would have deterred me, but it would have been nice to get a heads up, you know?
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Date:November 22nd, 2006 09:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Interesting....

I was clergy for a couple of years before I designed an eclectic clergy program. Because it was eclectic, it didn't focus on a particular path....but I put a lot of 'it's going to be hard work once you accept that title of clergy. There are expectations involved with that title.'

I think it's very important to have that as part of a clergy program. Because it sure wasn't in the one I went through either. ;)

So, a workshop like you are thinking of......I see as a very valuable one.

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