Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

"Wearing pajamas and shouting Comrade!" Are the Chinese starving?

As I sat down at lunch today in front of Baker Systems, I noticed a half-eaten acorn sitting on the bench. Some squirrel had cracked it open, eaten part of it, and threw well over half of it away.

My first thought was, "Hey, there are starving squirrels in China who would love a dinner like that!"

And then it struck me: why China? Who started this myth that people in China were perpetually hungry? Why not Ethiopia, or Somalia, or Darfur? Why not the back streets of the US?

Why does China, in my mind, hold the corner on these starving people? Why not somewhere more contemporary in the news?

I have no idea. But it absorbed me today as I stared at this half-eaten acorn. Why China?
Tags: nature, reflections, trees, work
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