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Gifts for the holiday season. . .

Some confusion appears to have sprung up around what I might want for Christmas/Yule/Solstice/Saturnalia/Kwanza/Hanukkah/Ramadan/whatever. I'm pretty easy-going and don't actually require gifts (while I like getting them, I'm never going to be miffed that I didn't receive anything), but I get bugged by people from time to time about what they can get me.

At least six people have asked me what I want, which leads to the central issue: I want something that you want to give me. I don't really like holidays because people get all consumed by getting someone something because it's a holiday and they're supposed to get someone something for that holiday. It's part of why I have so many problems with birthdays, particularly my own: I don't like the expectation inherent in the system.

Of course, informing people on good ideas sort of causes problems with my general preference of not telling people to get me things, or telling them exactly what to get, but hell, I figure I'll make a general post that includes some ideas in particular and some definite no-no's.

Things I might be interested in:
Things not to get me, ever, are these:
  • Stuff for my altar. I know you mean well, but whatever it is, unless I've specifically asked for it (and I have done that once), I don't want it. No, really: I don't want it. I don't care how cool it is, I'll never use it.
  • Things that are more expensive (or look more expensive) than you can afford. The gift will just make me feel guilty.
  • LJ userpics or storage space addons. I'll never use them.
  • Things that stink, like candles and cologne.
But the best gifts, honestly, can't be described or listed or shown. They just happen, they're thoughtful, and they're useful (or novel).

Example of an excellent gift? mazisexton sent me a priests' "last rites" kit from the Vatican, as well as what appears to be a vampire-repellant kit. Why is it a good gift? Mostly, it showed that she was thinking of me; that she knew enough about me to know, deep down, that it was something I desperately needed (even if I had no idea until I opened the box); and it reminds me of her. I may never use it, but I'll always treasure it.

Hope that helps some :)
Tags: adf, clergy, family, friends, hotties, oak leaves
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