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July 30th, 2003

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01:27 pm - I like these SoC bits. . .
Damn keyboard. Freakin' bitch to type on. Ugh.

Pizza is good for the soul. 8th deadly sin, you know. Raven's goin' to hell.

hmm. . . I probably shouldn't stare at her breasts. Not a good idea. Wrong way to make friends and influence people.

But, damn. They kinda are out for me to see.

Weird how they have stretch marks and she's 21. How's that work? Doesn't change the temptation, though. She's pretty hot.

Now her, she's hot. I like her hair like that. Maybe. . . Nah, bad idea. Best not even to think it. Come off sounding like a womanizer, which I'm not, or a lecherous bastard, which I probably am. Damn perceptions.

Dinner, or no? Nah. Pizza will do me for the day.

Have to remember not to stare at women when walking up the stairs in Denny. It's painful.

I outghtta write this shit down again.

Of course, if I do, I shouldn't mention I think she's fat.

Gotta check the PO Box.

The sun's pretty damn hot on this shirt. Black isn't a good choice for sunny days.

She needs to pick up her feet instead of dragging them. "I grant I never saw a goddess go. . ."

Now, she's hot for him. She's got all the signs, leaning close, playing with hair, laughing like an idiot. . . And he's pushing her away, but not physically. He handles it like I do. . .

Hmm. . . No more kiosk. I wonder what I could write in that new concrete?

Damn, which key? Stupid PO Box. Gotta get a key to the new Scribe.

4 nice bikes and one motor scooter. Motor scooters are for freaks. Honda, Yamaha, no Harleys. I wanna see a Vincent!

Damn it's hot. . . Hey, that's Tom! I should go over. . . Nah, he's probably on his way to work again, anyway.

I should probably get my labs drawn soon.

Elevator down. It's gotta stop here anyway on the way back up, and there's only one working. I'm lazy. Inside now with him.

Get out, man.

Dude, are you going to take this elevator from G to 1? Good.

"Lookin' back at my background tryin' to figure out how I ever got here. . ."

Updated webpage. Should I put this on, too?

Tired of these already?
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: "Gentleman of Leisure" - JB

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Date:July 30th, 2003 06:37 pm (UTC)
Uhm . . . babble much? And do you palm pilot or laptop, because if not you certainly see a lot of people while sitting in your OSU cubicle . . . And I have to say, if I didn't know you I would think you were lecherous, but since I do know you I know you are . . . (not really, but damn - can you go one entry without talking about hot women and their breasts?). Speaking of which, heard any good oval sermons lately? I miss them sometimes . . .
[User Picture]
Date:July 30th, 2003 07:42 pm (UTC)


Yeah, I've been babbling. It's more fun than trying to write something of substance, esp. since I use this medium for fun rather than for, well, reality, which is what I tend to use my webpage for.

Of course, these past two entries have just been thoughts that ran through my head as I sat in class, and then as I walked back to work from class, and then as I got to work. They're just ramblings.

On the first entry (from monday) I wasn't writing anything down. On the second entry (from today) I was, just a notepad and pen.

As for hot women, well, I think about them a lot. And for once (okay, twice), I decided *not* to censor my own thoughts. It just happens that my thoughts aren't usually reflected in my actions. Probably good for my prolonged health.

Though I'm sure that there are plenty of people who think all I do is stare at women. That's only partially true :)

I don't usually get a lunch, so I don't sit out on the Oval very often at all. I'm sure Bro Jed will be back this coming year, though. I'll let him know you're thinking of him :)


"It's the magic of the music that still draws the crowd"

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